Our societies are heading fast towards a time of unemployment of the masses. Governments seem to be reluctant and not many know, what to do. Employment agencies give advice how to call yourself when out of work: Just don’t use the word ‘unemployed’ when looking for a new job, rather say – “I am between Jobs”, or “I am looking for new opportunities”. All those advices are well meant, but actually useless if nobody wants to employ you. And they will be even more useless when the big change hits.

If you are still unaware of the coming changes you should read the business sections of News Papers (sorry Internetpages). You will be informed, that most of the new factories, that are built right now, use Industry 4.0 and that means automation. Those factories will run with a minimum of human labor and a maximum of machines.

What can we do? Well fortunately we live in democratic countries and the citizen has means to be heard. The political channels are open and are here to be used. It is very important to understand, that the governments are here to serve the citizen and not vice versa. That is one thing. The other is to state new ideas of how to handle the crisis. Do we want to have the ‘big change’ of our societies or just a small one?

Tell me what you think and maybe we can have a good discussion about something that will affect us all.

I wish you well, Martin.


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